Hurley – Garments, Shoes, Handbags and Sunglasses

Hurley - Garments, Shoes, Handbags and Sunglasses

In 1979, Hurley Surfboards was founded by Bob Hurley in Costa Mesa, California. Bob was fascinated by the super long, punk rock boardshort styles of Billabong, a sportswear and casual clothing manufacturer. In 1982, with the help of his friends and family, he established Billabong USA as an autonomous company, a licensee for Billabong. Looking at the changing preferences of the customers and with a motive to capture the youth market of America, in December 1998, Hurley International was established.

It launched the broadest range of clothing collection for men, women and kids along with accessories and wetsuits. With the growing popularity of its brand, Bob planned to introduce Hurley Products in the international market. In 2002, Hurley partnered with Nike and became a wholly owned, independently run subsidiary of Nike, Inc. Its new product range included a splendid variety of sportswear, denims, shirts, shoes, hats, shorts, swimwear, eyewear, accessories, wetsuits and many more.

Its women’s range includes soft and comfy t-shirts and easy fitting shorts, skirts and jeans. Its top of the range women’s apparel consist of twilight dress, One and Only Grain II 3″ Boardshort, One and Only Movement II Denim Pant, Drew dress, Second Base Reversible Zip Hoodie and many more. Hurley Offers a versatile range of clothes from casuals to classics to beach wear, everything that make you feel comfortable. Specializing in comfortable clothing, Hurley caters a wide range of men’s wear which includes surf clothes, board shirts, denims, jeans, sweatshirts, great jackets and lot more. This Shoes brand is focusing on compiling a distinctive design and a global outlook to each product range by amalgamating traits of sport, lifestyle and fashion.

With a unique sense of styling that is disparate of any others in the industry and already being won the title of ‘favorite’ among the teens and young adults, Hurley Launched its first shoe line in 2003. Hurley Shoes are great comfy rubber footwear, specifically promoted for health conscious clientele, leasing your feet to breathe in and out thoroughly. The Marque is popular among the Hollywood celebrities who admire the style and soothe effect of Hurley shoes. Mostly hitting the adolescents, the label is surpass excellent in gaining the huge array of buyers. Some of its well known Hurley footwear collection consists of Girlie freedom, Slip, Girlie Selector, Trips 9 Lowrider, Girlie Speedway, Westside, Organic, Roots, Bonzai, Amp, Crown and the list is endless. Hilary Duff and Mary-Kate Olsen are the two aficionados of the brand to flaunt the craggy sporty look. Many juvenile, hot superstars enjoy the poise of fashion and comfort found within the Hurley footwear.

Fundamentally designed to allure the consumers with zenith of comfort, Hurley Concentrates more on running shoes and sandals that’s everybody’s need from the very stylish chick to the focused athlete. The compilation at present offers a wide range of sandals, athletic shoes and other comfortable styles for everyone in the family. When you go for any kind out by Hurley, you are surely settling for nothing less than the absolute best. Whatever you pick, style and superb feeling of comfort is assured. Hurley collection whittles a sagacity of innovation to even the most basic styles, season after season!

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